Nick trained as a newspaper reporter and then an investigative producer for BBC Radio 4 before his first television job in 1988. Before starting Landmark in Jan 2002, Nick worked for BBC TV (for ten years) and several independent companies, directing many documentaries for Cutting Edge (C4) Modern Times (BBC2), Inside Story (BBC1), Secret History (C4), Real Life (ITV1). Nick directed some of the most memorable documentaries of the past ten years - Strangest Village in Britain (C4), The Fattest Men in Britain (ITV1) and Bystanders (BBC2). Nick works where needed across all Landmark's output as an exec, writer and narrator but has also carried on directing authored documentaries like Litter Wars (BBC1); Hedge Wars (BBC1); Pet Hates: Cats and Dogs (BBC1) and One Life: Rat Attack (BBC1). A full list of Nick’s credits is listed here. Some of Nick's journalism is listed here:
Selina is one of the most highly experienced production exec/managers in the UK with enormous expertise in all aspects of television production management: budgeting, negotiation with broadcasters, archive clearance, music and stills clearances, cost control, cash flowing, cost reporting, contract negotiation with broadcasters and personnel, organisation of insurance, finding and setting up of locations world-wide, crewing, and production travel and accommodation. Selina works closely with Nick in planning Landmark's future.